General Labor is committed to sending you prepared employees who are ready with the right skills and training for the job ahead. Our straightforward approach to staffing also extends to our safety requirements and training. By promoting safe practices we can ensure our temporary employees have the knowledge and skills to avoid preventable injuries, resulting in less turnover for our customers.

Our safety program covers these areas:

  • Personal Protective Equipment: Every General Labor employee arrives with the proper skills and safety equipment needed for the job. If the job requires safety glasses, work boots or other personal protective equipment, General Labor provides it to the employee free of charge and requires that it be worn.
  • Safety Training: We regularly conduct safety training using videos and handouts for a variety of subjects, including Hazard Communications. This ensures that employees have foundational safety knowledge, which we respectfully invite our customers to extend by offering any additional site-specific training.
  • Safety Pledges:Employees pledge to provide a drug-free work environment and report unsafe conditions. We also provide all employees with information regarding medical treatment facilities and Hazard Communications.

We know focusing on safety can make a big difference for your company, which is why providing trained, safety-conscious employees is at the core of what we do.